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How do I write an email to technical support?

Please send the email to

Note that free technical support is currently only available for version 3.0 and later

When sending the email, please make sure you include all relevant information:

  • which version of VPOP3 are you using?
  • which email client/web browser are you using?
  • if you are getting any error messages, please tell us what they say, and where they appear (in a popup, in an email client etc)
  • if necessary, send screenshots (preferably as JPG/PNG files or PDF files)
  • if necessary, send log files (preferably in a ZIP archive to save time/space. Please don't use less common archive formats such as RAR, 7Z, BZIP etc, as those will cause delays while we find the relevant software, install it on a sacrificial PC, extract the data files and then move them to our work PCs)
  • tell us what steps you have already tried - failing to do this may mean that our first response(s) are just telling you to do things you have already done, which is wasting time, and will probably annoy you. Unfortunately we can't read minds yet.

GIving us as much information as possible in the first email will speed things up as we often have to send 2 or 3 emails just to find out things which could have been stated in the first email, meaning that something that could have been resolved in a couple of days may take over a week.

Remember that our normal response time is within 3 working days (Monday to Friday). If you don't get a response within a day, then sending a message asking why you haven't had a response yet will just put your ticket to the back of the queue, rather than hurrying it up, as our support ticket system orders tickets by the latest message date/time.

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