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 ====Allow Password in URL==== ====Allow Password in URL====
 +If you check this option, then you can specify the user's password in a URL to Webmail
 +For instance, if the VPOP3 server is on,​ then the Webmail address would normally be 
 +  http://​​5108
 +If the **Allow Password in URL** option is checked, then you can go to the address like:
 +  http://​​5108?​user=postmaster&​password=admin
 +to go to the Webmail and automatically log in using the specified details
 +For a bit more security you could use:
 +  http://​​5108?​user=postmaster&​md5pass=MD5-hash-of-password
 +In this case, you specify the MD5 hash of the password. That makes it more difficult to find the original password, but does not prevent a replay attack using the details.
 +Generally, we don't recommend using this option, because of the security implications,​ but in some cases it can be useful.
 ====Allow different client addresses for a Webmail session==== ====Allow different client addresses for a Webmail session====
-====Have "​Connect Now" button for everyone+====Have "​Connect Now" button for everyone====
 ====Mail HTML Pages==== ====Mail HTML Pages====
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