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 +The VPOP3 '​About'​ page lets you see the version and build number of your VPOP3 installation,​ along with any licence details, and supplier details (if any)
 +=====Licence Information=====
 +The **Licence Information** section shows your current licence information
 +  * Licenced To - this shows the name of the company which the VPOP3 software is licenced to. This should refer to your company. If not, you may be using a pirated version of the software
 +  * Maximum Users - this shows how many [[users]] your VPOP3 licence will support
 +  * SMS Licence - this is optional, and is a prepay system allowing users to send SMS/text messages as easily as sending an email
 +  * JavaMail Users - this is an optional alternative system for Webmail which is no longer available or supported, but existing users may have purchased this option
 +  * NNTP Service - this is an optional feature of VPOP3 allowing NNTP (Usenet) services through VPOP3
 +  * Licence Activation - this shows whether the software has activated successfully or not, and, if so, when your software maintenance expired or will expire
 +To view or change your licence details, press the ''​Check/​change Licence Details'​ button
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