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UserRuleConditionUpdate Replacement



Required parameter:

  • RuleID
  • gr_id - condition ID
  • !nativeeditor_status - inserted/deleted/updated
  • matchi (1/0)
  • matchn (1/0)
  • match
  • field
  • data

This inserts/updates/deletes the specified message condition

See UserRuleConditions for valid match & field values

The return value is an XML tag:

For inserted

<action type=“insert” sid=“old id” tid=“new id”> or <action type=“error” sid=“old id” tid=“old id”>

For deleted

<action type=“delete” sid=“id” tid=“id”>

For updated

<action type=“update” sid=“id” tid=“id”> or <action type=“error” sid=“id” tid=“id”>

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