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-======How to install the VPOP3 Status Monitor on other PCs====== 
-The VPOP3 status monitor icon is run by a separate program from VPOP3, which communicates with VPOP3 using TCP/IP. This means that this program can be installed on any PC which can connect to the VPOP3 computer using TCP/IP (on port 5109 by default). 
-Also, the status monitor logs into VPOP3 using a VPOP3 user account, so all users can be allowed to use the status monitor program, and can be given different permissions as appropriate. (See the [[reference:​user_permissions|User'​s Permissions]] tabs for details). 
-You can install the Status Monitor in two different ways: 
-=====Copy the program and Create Shortcut===== 
-You can simply copy the **VPOP3STATUS.EXE** file from the VPOP3 directory on the server to a directory of your choice on the new PC, and run it from there. 
-If you wish, you can create a shortcut to the VPOP3STATUS.EXE file in the '​Startup'​ programs group to have it automatically start when the user logs in. 
-=====Run the Status Monitor installer===== 
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