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 +======-ERR Unknown User======
 +''​-ERR Unknown User''​ is a POP3 error. There are two places you can receive it:
 +  - If you receive it as part of a 'POP3 Client Error' email message from VPOP3, then it means that VPOP3 was unable to log on to your ISP's mail server because the ISP POP3 server reported an error "​Unknown User". In this case, check the ''​In Mail''​ settings in VPOP3 as the error means that you have specified the wrong 'User ID' (check with your ISP if you are not sure)
 +  - If you receive it as an error message in your email client (usually in a popup window) then it means that the email client is trying to connect to VPOP3 using a user name which VPOP3 does not recognise. Check that you have configured the email client correctly with the username and password of a User in the VPOP3 User tab.
 +{{tag>​error_code unknown user}}
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