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 +======VPOP3.RenameFolder Lua function======
 +The [[management scripting|Lua management]] function '​VPOP3.RenameFolder'​ renames a folder for the specified user.
 +  VPOP3.RenameFolder(username,​ folder, newname);
   * **username** is the username from [[VPOP3.GetUsers]]   * **username** is the username from [[VPOP3.GetUsers]]
   * **folder** is the folder from [[VPOP3.GetFolders]]   * **folder** is the folder from [[VPOP3.GetFolders]]
 +  * **newname** is the new name for the folder. ​
 +Note that folder names are in the IMAP4 UTF-7 encoding not plain text (see [[https://​​html/​rfc3501|RFC 3501]] section 5.1.3) ​
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