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-The [[lua_scripting|Lua]] function '​VPOP3.MessageSeek'​ resets and internal read pointer to the start of the message being processed 
-This function is only available in the **ProcessMessage** function of the [[lua POP3 client script|POP3CLT.LUA]] or [[lua SMTP server script|SMTPSVR.LUA]] scripts. 
-It takes one parameter: 
-  - number - offset to seek to 
-The function returns one value: 
-  - true if the internal pointer could be positioned as requested, false if it couldn'​t (eg if it is pointing beyond the end of the message) 
-The VPOP3.GetMessageLines reads message content from the internal pointer'​s position and moves the internal pointer through the file. The MessageSeek function set this internal pointer to the specified location in the message 
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