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 +======Users.Autoresponders table======
 +The [[db_Users|Users]].Autoresponders table contains the users' autoresponder definitions
 +  * autoresponderid - this is a numeric id of the autoresponder entry (primary key)
 +  * owneruser - this is the numeric id of the [[users users|user]] which the autoresponder belongs to (or 0 for a '​template'​ autoresponder)
 +  * respondername - text name which is displayed to the user when editing/​viewing the autoresponder
 +  * responder - text content of the autoresponder
 +  * keep - boolean. If true, the original message is kept after responding. If false, the original message is discarded after responding
 +  * checklog - integer value indicating how far back through the autoresponder log should be checked to see if the original sender has been responded to already (default 168 hours - 7 days)
 +  * sender - text indicating who the autoresponse'​s sender should be (blank to use the user's email address)
 +  * replyto - text indicating what the autoresponse'​s reply-to address should be
 +  * subject - text indicating what the autoresponse'​s subject should be (blank to use the original message'​s subject)
 +  * subjectprefix - text indicating a prefix to add to the start of the autoresponse'​s subject if the subject was not explicitly specified above.
 +  * appendmsg - 0=don'​t add the original message, 1=add the original message header, 2=add the entire original message
 +  * badimport - boolean - internal flag to indicate whether there was a problem importing the autoresponder from the previous version of VPOP3
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