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 +======User Routing Options======
 +The assistant for a user is an email address (or set of email addresses, separated by semicolons) where incoming messages to this user will be copied or redirected.
 +Normally messages will be copied to the assistant, but if the **Redirect to assistant ​ (don't keep a local copy)** option is checked, then the message will just be sent to the assisant, and not go into this user's mailbox as well.
 +An important difference between an Assistant and a normal forward is that messages FROM the Assistant themselves are not forwarded back to the Assistant.
 +So, if user A has an assistant B, with '​redirect to assistant'​ enabled, then if someone else sends a message to A, B will get the message, not A. But then, if B thinks that the message is important, and forwards it back to A, because the message came from the Assistant, the message will //not// be forwarded back to B, and will actually go to A - ignoring the assistant setting.
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