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 +======User Advanced settings======
 +The Edit User → Advanced tab contains some '​advanced'​ settings for a VPOP3 user.
 +=====Message Recycle Bin=====
 +In VPOP3 Enterprise (v5 and later) the Message Recycle Bin will keep messages in the message store for a short time after the user has deleted the messages. This is to allow easier recovery from the inevitable case where a user has deleted messages by mistake, and wants them back.
 +To use this option, you choose a time from the drop-down boxes from just before the messages were deleted, optionally choose whether you want the undeleted messages to be marked in some way, and then press the **Undelete** button. ​
 +You cannot undelete only specified messages; you can only undelete messages deleted since a specified date/time
 +To change how long messages are kept in the '​recycle bin', go to [[Settings]] -> [[Database]] -> [[Database Message Store|Message Store]], and check the **Message Recycle Bin** section there.
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