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 =====Status Updates===== =====Status Updates=====
 +Immediately that you are logged into the Status Server, VPOP3 will send status updates to you. Initially it will send a big burst of data to get you up-to-date, then it will send updates as and when they occur. The data is '​pushed'​ to you, you do not need to request an update.
 +Each data line begins with a single character indicating the type of update, then the rest of the data is the update data, then finally it ends with a CR/LF pair.
 +Note that you will only receive a type of update if the permissions for the logged in user allow that user to have those updates.
 +===0 - Status line===
 +An update line beginning with '​0'​ (ASCII code 48) indicates a status line update, shown in the Status Monitor activity log
 +The structure of the line is:
 +  0<​time><​text>​
 +  * <​time>​ is 16 hex characters indicating the time the status line was created in a HEX format of a Microsoft FILETIME structure
 +  * <​text>​ is the status line text
 +===1 - Connection Status===
 +An update line beginning with '​1'​ (ASCII code 48) indicates a connection status update. This is the text which usually appears in the '​Connection'​ box of the Status Monitor
 +The structure of the line is:
 +  1<​text>​
 +  * <​text>​ is the connection status text
 =====Commands===== =====Commands=====
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