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 +======VPOP3 Status Monitor======
 +The VPOP3 status monitor allows users to see what VPOP3 is doing, and also, optionally, to send/​receive simple '​instant messages'​ between local users.
 +Different users can have different permissions for the status monitor. They can be set for all administrators or non-administrators on **Services -> Status Server -> Permissions**,​ or set for individual users in the **Permissions** tab when editing a user.
 +=====Instant Messaging=====
 +You can send short text messages between users using the '​instant messaging'​ facility in the status monitor. These can only contain text, and only between users on the same VPOP3 server. It does not allow access to other IM services.
 +VPOP3 writes a log file called '​VPOP3_IM.LOG'​ (and VPOP3_IM.LBK) containing all the instant messages sent between users. This can be useful for trouble-shooting or for monitoring messages between users (check any local privacy laws before using the log to monitor users)
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