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 +======Spam Filter Rules: StartDNSBL======
 +^Statement ​ |StartDNSBL |
 +^Version ​ |2.2.1+ |
 +^Purpose ​ |Begins an asynchronous DNS blacklist lookup in advance of the result being required in a subsequent [[spamrules_statement_dnsbl|DNSBL]] statement |
 +The **StartDNSBL** statement requires a hostname and DNSBL zone, in the format
 +  StartDNSBL <​hostname>​ <DNSBL zone>
 +The DNS blacklist lookup begins immediately,​ but the script is allowed to continue. When the **DNSBL** statement is reached, the script will get the result of the corresponding **StartDNSBL** statement. If the DNS blacklist lookup is still in progress, it will allow the lookup to complete, before returning the result.
 +StartDNSBL ${SenderIP}
 +# Continue with the rest of the script, whilst also running the DNS blacklist lookup
 +# By the time the script reaches the DNSBL statement, the lookup should either be fully or partially completed.
 +DNSBL ${SenderIP} dnsresult
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