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 +======Spam Filter Rules: *IFSUPPORT======
 +^Statement ​ |*IFSUPPORT |
 +^Version ​ |2.2.5+ |
 +^Purpose ​ |Allows the script to determine whether a particular command or function is supported by the installed version of VPOP3 |
 +The ***IFSUPPORT** statement requires a command or a function, in the format
 +*IFSUPPORT <​command|function>​
 +  * All ***IFSUPPORT** statements must be followed by a ***ENDIF** statement
 +  * The statements between the ***IFSUPPORT** and the corresponding ***ENDIF** statement are not parsed, so will not cause syntax errors if they involve unrecognised commands.
 + ​IfInBag MyBag "​value"​
 +# Statements
 + EndIf
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