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 +======Spam Filter Rules: RemoveBag======
 +^Statement ​ |RemoveBag |
 +^Version ​ |2.2.1+ |
 +^Purpose ​ |Removes a specified value from a bag |
 +The **RemoveBag** statement requires a bag name and a value, in the format
 +  RemoveBag <bag name> <​value>​
 +  *If the value is found in the bag, it is removed
 +  *If a value occurs multiple times, only the first instance of that value is removed
 +  *If the value is not present in the bag, nothing happens
 +AddBag multi bag1 "​left"​
 +AddBag multi bag1 "​right"​
 +AddBag multi bag1 "​left"​
 +AddBag multi bag1 "​right"​
 +AddBag multi bag1 "​left"​
 +#bag1 contains "​left",​ "​right",​ "​left",​ "​right",​ "​left"​
 +RemoveBag bag1 "​left"​
 +#bag1 contains "​right",​ "​left",​ "​right",​ "​left"​
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