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 +======Spam Filter Rules: Include======
 +^Statement ​ |Include |
 +^Version ​ |2.1.7+ |
 +^Purpose ​ |Including other files within the spam rules |
 +To include another file within the spam rules, insert a line saying
 +  ''​Include <​filename to include>''​
 +There should not be any quotes around the filename to include, even if it contains spaces. Note that all files are within the same '​scope',​ so variables defined in one file will be visible within all subsequent included files.
 +Include statements can be included anywhere, and the existing '​state'​ of the language parser is carried into the included file. For instance, if the parser is currently processing a '​BulkScan'​ sequence, the sequence will carry on into the included file.
 +Included files can be nested to a level of 10 deep.
 +include myfile.txt
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