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 +======Spam Filter Rules: GetAddressType======
 +^Statement ​ |GetAddressType |
 +^Version ​ |2.4.6+ |
 +^Purpose ​ |Analyses a specified email address and reports what '​type'​ of address it is |
 +The **GetAddressType** statement requires an email address and variable name, in the format
 +  GetAddressType <email address> <​variable name>
 +All email addresses will fall into one of the following '​types'​
 +^ Type code ^ Description ^
 +^RemoteLANFwd ​ |A LAN forwarded address where the full email address is specified in the LAN forwarding rules |
 +^LocalLANFwd ​ |A LAN forwarded address where just the username is specified in the LAN forwarding rules |
 +^Mapping ​ |An address which has a normal mapping associated with it |
 +^Special ​ |A '​special'​ recipient - e.g. a fax mailbox, listserver, mailer_daemon etc. |
 +^List  |A VPOP3 list |
 +^ListOwner ​ |A VPOP3 list owner alias |
 +^User  |A VPOP3 user |
 +^UnknownMapping ​ |An address which matches a ~@domain style mapping |
 +^UnknownLANFwd ​ |An address which matches a ~@domain style LAN forwarding rule |
 +^Remote ​ |A remote email address |
 +^Postmaster ​ |A '​postmaster'/'​abuse'​ address which VPOP3 will send to the Main Administrator |
 +^Invalid ​ |An unrecognised local recipient |
 +The following example will analyse the '​'​ address and return an address type code into the ${addrType} variable
 +GetAddressType "​"​ addrType
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