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 +======Spam Filter Rules: CopyBag======
 +^Statement ​ |CopyBag |
 +^Version ​ |6.17+ |
 +^Purpose ​ |Copies the contents of one bag into another bag |
 +The **CopyBag** statement requires an operator, "from bag" name and "to bag" name, in the format
 +  AddBag <​operator>​ <from bag> <to bag>
 +  * <​type>​ may be either '​overwrite',​ '​add',​ '​subtract'​
 +  * If <​type>​ is '​overwrite',​ then the 'from bag' is copied exactly to the 'to bag'
 +  * If <​type>​ is '​add',​ then entries in the 'from bag' are added to the 'to bag' if they aren't already there
 +  * If <​type>​ is '​subtract',​ then entries in the 'from bag' are removed from the 'to bag' if they are there
 +  CopyBag overwrite mybag mynewbag
 +  CopyBag overwrite mybag1 mynewbag
 +  CopyBag add mybag2 mynewbag
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