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 +The **Reports** tab lets you access various reports about VPOP3 or message history.
 +For many of reports to work, you need to have previously enabled **[[logging#​historical_logging|historical logging]]**.
 +The currently available reports are listed below. To view a report, click on its name at the left of the page
 +  * [[Report User Last Login|User Last Login]]
 +  * [[Report Spam Filter|Spam Filter]]
 +  * [[Report Message Summary|Message Summary]]
 +  * [[Report Messages Received|Messages Received]]
 +  * [[Report Messages Sent|Messages Sent]]
 +  * [[Report SMTP Server Status|SMTP Server Status]]
 +More reports may be added over time (if you have a suggestion, then contact [[]] with **details** of a report which you may want, not just a brief line)
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