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 +======New message tab======
 +The New message tab within [[version 4 webmail|VPOP3 webmail]] is where you prepare, edit and send messages, including replies and forwards.
 +As you can see from the screenshot, the page is divided into two main sections:
 +|[[Webmail Menu|Menu bar]]  |
 +|[[#New message toolbar|New message toolbar]] ​ |
 +|[[Webmail tabs|General tab bar]]  |
 +^ [[#Message headers|Message headers]] ^
 +^ [[#Message editor|Message editor]] ^
 +| [[Webmail status bar|Status bar]] |
 +{{:​reference:​vpop3v5_newmsg.png?​800|New message tab - VPOP3 Version 5 Webmail}}
 +=====Page structure=====
 +====New message toolbar====
 +The New message toolbar contains the following buttons:
 +  * **Send** -> Sends the completed message
 +  * **Save As Draft** -> Saves the message to the drafts folder, for future editing
 +  * **Add Attachment** -> Opens a window to select the file to be attached
 +  * **Check Spelling** -> Opens the spell-checker window
 +====Message headers====
 +At the top of the screen, there is a drop-down selection to specify the **From** address.\\
 +Next, there are input boxes to enter recipient email addresses - each recipient requires its own box. To the left of these boxes is a drop-down selection, to specify whether the message is sent as **To**, **Cc** or **Bcc** to the recipient.\\
 +Finally there is a box to enter the **Subject**.
 +====Message editor====
 +The message editor is a WYSIWYG interface for composing messages.\\
 +There are various buttons to support additional formatting, such as font, text size, colour, alignment, etc.
 +=====Performing actions=====
 +====Adding attachments====
 +There are two buttons to launch the attachments window:
 +  * Click the **Add Attachment** button on the toolbar
 +  * Click the attachment (paperclip) icon, above the message editor
 +Next, browse for the file from your computer; upon opening the file, it should be listed in a box, next to the [[#Message headers|Message headers]].
 +    ​
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