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 +======Misc -> External Fax Tab======
 +[[Settings]] -> [[Misc Settings]] -> External Fax
 +The **External Fax** tab is for use with some external fax server applications which work by collecting mail from a POP3 mailbox.
 +If a **Fax Server Mailbox** is selected, then VPOP3 will automatically send any locally sent mail to that mailbox if the recipient is local, but doesn'​t match another local address (a user, list, mapping etc), //and// if the recipient address is a telephone number
 +For instance, a message to ''​''​ will be sent to the Fax Server Mailbox if there is not a local user, mapping or list called **01234123456**.
 +If the **Allow External Access to Fax Server Mailbox** box is checked, then incoming mail which matches these rules will also be sent to the Fax Server Mailbox, otherwise only locally sent mail will be allowed to this mailbox.
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