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 +======Database query to make LAN Forwarding immediately attempt to dequeue all pending messages======
 +If VPOP3 cannot send messages using LAN Forwarding it will queue the message and retry periodically. Usually there is no need to do anything special if there was a problem with the onward mail server which has now been fixed, VPOP3 should soon retry the messages automatically (based on the value of the **LAN Forwarding Retry Frequency** setting in the LAN Forwarding configuration).
 +However, if you want to force a retry sooner, you can use the following SQL command.
 +If you want an extra bit of safety, see the [[running database updates within a transaction]] article.
 +At a command prompt in the VPOP3 directory run
 +  psql
 +  ​
 +(The password is '​vpop3pass'​)
 +Then, type
 +  UPDATE messages.outgoing SET nexttry=now();​
 +  ​
 +N.B. VPOP3 does not need to be stopped while you do this
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