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 +======LogDB.Recipients table======
 +The [[LogDB]].Recipients table contains a record of the recipients for messages logged by VPOP3. A message may have one or more recipients
 +  * rcptid -  this is a [[http://​​docs/​9.0/​static/​datatype-numeric.html|bigint]] sequential value which identifies the recipient uniquely in the database
 +  * msgid - this is a bigint value linking this message to a [[logdb messages|message]]
 +  * name - the recipient email address
 +  * rcpttype - the type of recipient (see below)
 +  * result - text containing the result of this recipient (eg when sending the message)
 +Note that recipients are NOT '​normalised'​. If you send two messages to the same recipient, there will be two entries in the '​recipients'​ table, not just one.
 +====RcptType values====
 +  * F = LAN forwarded (on incoming messages)
 +  * I = invalid (on incoming messages)
 +  * N = normal (on incoming messages)
 +  * R = remote (on incoming messages)
 +  * S = being sent (on outgoing messages)
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