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 +======Find a message======
 +If you know the subject of a message, you can search the entire message store for messages with this subject.
 +Go to Settings → Database → Query
 +Alternatively,​ at a command prompt in the VPOP3 directory run
 +  psql
 +(The password is '​vpop3pass'​)
 +Then, type
 +SELECT messagetime,​ internaltime,​ subject, fromaddr, fromname, tolist, attachments,​ spam, size, username, folder FROM allmessages INNER JOIN foldermessages fm USING (msgid) INNER JOIN folders f ON f.folderid=fm.folderid INNER JOIN users.users ON userid=usernumber WHERE subject ilike '​%<​subject to search for>​%';​
 +Replace <subject to search for> with the text to search for in the subject. Note that this only works if the message subject was in ASCII. If it contains non-ASCII characters or is encoded using BASE64 or Quoted-Printable encoding, then it may not find those messages.
 +N.B. VPOP3 does not need to be stopped while you do this
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