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 ====Log File Sizes==== ====Log File Sizes====
 +The **Log File Sizes** tab allows you to control the maximum size of various types of log file, and how long the files are kept.
 +===How long to keep OLD log files===
 +  * **Keep** [-] **old log files** - //The number of **.lbk** files to keep for each type of log - this is the default setting, and usually requires less disk space, but on a busy server, some log files will only cover a few seconds before filling up//
 +  * **Keep old log files for** [-] **days** - //The length of time to keep old log files - this can result in lots of files being stored, but should ensure you have time to inspect an issue, before the logs are overwritten//​
 +===OLD Log file disk usage===
 +  * **Use no more than** [-] **MB for old log files (*.LBK)** - //This setting limits the amount of disk space taken up by old log files//
 +  * **Delete old log files (*.LBK) if less than** [-] **MB free disk space** - //This setting prevents VPOP3 from completely filling up a disk with old log files. When this threshold is reached, VPOP3 will begin removing old log files, to free up more disk space//
 +**//​Note//​**:​ Despite these settings, VPOP3 will not delete any **.log** file, or the most recent **.lbk** file.
 +===Maximum file sizes===
 +It is possible to set the maximum file size, for the following logs:
 +^Description ​ ^Filename(s) ​ ^Default size (kB)  ^
 +|Main Log File  |vpop3.log ​ |1024  |
 +|Main Error Log File  |errors.log ​ |1024  |
 +|Session Log Files  |pop3svr.log,​ smtpsvr.log,​ imapsvr.log,​ nntpsvr.log,​ pop3clt.log,​ smtpclt.log,​ nntpclt.log ​ |1024  |
 +|Download Rules Log  |dlrules.log ​ |100  |
 +|SMTP Rules Log  |smtprules.log ​ |100  |
 +|Security Log  |security.log ​ |100  |
 +|Virus Scanner Log  |viruscan.log ​ |100  |
 +|External Router Log  |extrouter.log ​ |100  |
 +|HTTP Client Log  |httplog.txt ​ |100  |
 +|AV Update Log  |avupdate.log ​ |100  |
 +|SMTP Transcript Log  |smtptranscript.log ​ |100  |
 +|POP3 Transcript Log  |pop3transcript.log ​ |100  |
 +|Lua Errors Log  |luaerrors.log ​ |100  |
 +|Instant Messaging Log  |vpop3_im.log ​ |1024  |
 +|Spam Rules Log  |spamrules.log ​ |1024  |
 +|Webmail Access Log  |webmail.log ​ |100  |
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