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   * IsLockNeeded   * IsLockNeeded
   * RewriteAttachment   * RewriteAttachment
 +function NeedsRecode(filtervariables,​ attachments_array,​ mime_structure)
 +Called when VPOP3 is about to process a message
 +returns true if the Lua script wants to alter any of the attachments of the whole message
 +function NeedsRewrite(attachmentname,​ MIMEtype, filtervariables)
 +Called when VPOP3 is about to process an attachment in a message (Only called if '​NeedsRecode'​ returned true, or there is some other reason for VPOP3 to process attachments,​ eg to remove/​rename an attachment due to Attachment Filtering)
 +returns true if the Lua script wants to rewrite/​rename the attachment
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