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 +======Message Archive -> Results Tab======
 +[[Settings]] -> [[Message Archive]] -> Results tab
 +The **Results** tab only exists if you have previously done a [[archive search|search]] operation and are viewing the results of that search.
 +The Results page shows you a list of the messages (up to 1000 entries are available) returned by the search. You can select multiple entries by using shift+click or ctrl+click
 +To view a message, you can double-click on the message. Note that this shows the '​raw'​ message as it is transmitted. This can be useful for diagnostic purposes, but is less useful if you want to see pretty formatting, images or attachments. In that case, the best thing to do is to select the message(s), then select a user from the drop-down above the message list and press **Copy** to copy the selected message(s) to the selected user. The messages are copied to the selected user's Inbox mail folder
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