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 +======VPOP3 2.x crashes when user tries to download mail======
 +If VPOP3 2.x crashes when a user tries to download mail, there are a few possible causes we know of:
 +  * A virus scanner or Internet security software is interfering with the connection between VPOP3 and the email client and is either terminating VPOP3 deliberately,​ or is blocking VPOP3 causing another part of it to crash
 +  * Disk corruption or errors are causing VPOP3 to crash. VPOP3 accesses message files using a system called '​Memory Mapped I/O' for performance reasons. One of the downsides of this is that a disk error will cause the software to crash rather than be able to detect the disk error.
 +  * A **user_<​name>​.db** database file in the VPOP3\_databases directory is corrupted. If you can detect which user this problem is happening for, you could stop VPOP3, delete/move the relevant database file, and restart VPOP3. This will not lose any messages, but it will lose message '​flags'​ - eg Webmail/​IMAP4 '​read'​ flags etc.
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