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 +======Timeout while VPOP3DB is starting======
 +(Note that VPOP3 v6.11 and later, the service startup system has changed so it should not suffer from this problem)
 +When VPOP3DB starts up, the service control manager component waits a set time for a response from the database server before it knows the service has started. If the PC is going slow (eg after a Windows update or if the PC is just slow) then this wait may not be long enough.
 +You can increase the timeout by following the steps below:
 +  - Run Regedit
 +  - Find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\VPOP3DB in the key tree at the left side of the window
 +  - Find the '​ImagePath'​ value on the right side of the window.
 +  - Edit the ImagePath value. If the end of the setting contains something like '-t 300', increase the 300 value (this is the time to wait in seconds, so maybe increase it to 1800 for 30 minutes). If the end of the setting does not contain a '​-t'​ setting, then add one. 
 +For instance, if VPOP3 is installed in C:\VPOP3, then the ImagePath setting may be changed to
 +  c:/​vpop3/​pgsql/​bin/​pg_ctl.exe runservice -N "​VPOP3DB"​ -D "​c:/​vpop3/​pgsql/​data"​ -w -t 1800
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