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 +======How to start VPOP3======
 +There are two ways to start VPOP3
 +  * [[Start VPOP3#Start VPOP3 as a service|as a service]]
 +  * [[start vpop3#start vpop3 as an application|as a normal application]]
 +For normal operation, you will start VPOP3 as a service, as this means that VPOP3 will run even when no one is logged into the PC.
 +To help with some types of problem diagnosis it can be better to start it as an application. This makes VPOP3 run in the account of the currently logged in user, rather than the service account, so it can eliminate access permission problems. Also, when VPOP3 starts as an application it can display startup progress and error messages on screen, rather than having to write them to a log file.
 +=====Start VPOP3 as a service=====
 +This is the normal way to run VPOP3. To start VPOP3 as a service, you have a few options:
 +  * **Start => Programs => VPOP3 => Start VPOP3 as a Service** on the VPOP3 computer
 +  * **Start => Control Panel => Administrative Tools => Services, and start the //VPOP3 Email Server// service** on the VPOP3 computer
 +  * Run **NET START VPOP3** from a command prompt on the VPOP3 computer
 +  * Download [[http://​​en-us/​sysinternals/​bb897542.aspx|psservice]] from Microsoft Technet and run that from any computer on your network - **PSSERVICE \\<​computername>​ START VPOP3** from a command prompt.
 +If the VPOP3 service is not configured, you can install it by going to **Start => Programs => VPOP3 => Service => Install VPOP3 Service** on the VPOP3 computer. (This requires the service utilities to have been installed. If they weren'​t then you need to [[reinstall VPOP3]]).
 +=====Start VPOP3 as an application=====
 +To run VPOP3 as an application,​ you can:
 +  * **Start => Programs => VPOP3 => Start VPOP3 as an Application** on the VPOP3 computer
 +  * Find the VPOP3.EXE file and run it
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