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 +======VPOP3 - SMTP Client Connection Problem======
 +These errors occur during the period when VPOP3 is trying to establish a connection to your ISP's SMTP mail server to send outgoing mail. They can mean that you have entered the SMTP Server address incorrectly,​ or that there is a problem with the network, or that your ISP's mail server is not working properly.
 +If the message text is:
 +  SMTP Client not started - Couldn'​t connect to server XXXX (YY)
 +Then this means that VPOP3 was having a problem connecting to the Mail Server entry called '​XXXX'​.
 +Following this text there should be a further description of the specific error which occurred. See [[Error Messages|here]] for a description of those errors.
 +{{tag>​error smtp client connection}}
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