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 +======SAVSERVICE.EXE runs at 90%+ and slows the computer down======
 +If you are using Sophos Antivirus on the VPOP3 computer, you may encounter a situation where the computer runs very slowly. If you use the Processes tab in TaskManager you may notice that the SAVSERVICE.EXE process is using most of the CPU.
 +This can happen because the Sophos On-Access scanning is scanning files that VPOP3 uses even though the file extensions are not listed in the Sophos configuration.
 +The workaround is to exclude the VPOP3 directory and subdirectories from the Sophos On-Access scanning. To do this:
 +  - Right-click the Sophos task tray icon and choose 'Open Sophos Anti-Virus'​.
 +  - Go to Configure -> On-access Scanning...
 +  - Click on the Exclusions tab
 +  - Press Add...
 +  - In Item Type choose '​Folder'​
 +  - In Item Name enter the VPOP3 installation directory (eg C:\VPOP3 or C:\PROGRAM FILES\VPOP3)
 +  - Press OK and OK again.
 +If this doesn'​t help you may need to [[http://​​support/​queries/​|contact Sophos technical support]] directly.
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