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 +======Router Problem error messages======
 +If you get an error message to the VPOP3 administrator with subject **Router Problem** and text
 +  Local Distribute to <​username>​ Failed
 +  Error: Database Error "​ERROR:​ could not open file "​base/<​number>/<​number>":​ Permission denied"​
 +  ​
 +this error usually means that something is blocking access to that file. Usually this is a virus scanner, so you need to exclude the **VPOP3\pgsql\data** folder (and all subfolders) from any on-access virus scanning on the VPOP3 computer.
 +Often you will then need to restart the PC for any file lock which the virus scanner has already made to be released.
 +Once you have done this, you can recover the undeliverable messages by looking in the VPOP3\outqueue folder for BAD*.DAT files. Rename those to .EML files and you'll be able to open them up in most email clients to view them and/or forward them to the relevant people.
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