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   - copy the ''​postgresql.conf.normal''​ file back to ''​postgresql.conf''​   - copy the ''​postgresql.conf.normal''​ file back to ''​postgresql.conf''​
   - restart The'​VPOP3DB'​ (or '​PostgreSQL-VPOP3',​ or '​PostgreSQL'​) service   - restart The'​VPOP3DB'​ (or '​PostgreSQL-VPOP3',​ or '​PostgreSQL'​) service
-Other articles:+ 
 +====Related ​articles====
   - [[https://​​staff/​index.php?/​Knowledgebase/​Article/​Edit/​38|Restore backup on Version 2.6 or earlier]]   - [[https://​​staff/​index.php?/​Knowledgebase/​Article/​Edit/​38|Restore backup on Version 2.6 or earlier]]
 {{tag>​restore backup}} {{tag>​restore backup}}
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