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 +======IMAP4 'Ghost Folders'​======
 +Sometimes your IMAP4 email client may show folders in the folder tree, but when you select them, you get an error that the folder does not exist.
 +This happens because IMAP4 has the concept of being able to '​subscribe'​ to folders - this means that you can hide folders by unsubscribing from them.
 +However, for various reasons, IMAP4 says that if a folder disappears it must not be automatically unsubscribed. This means that if a folder was deleted it may still be in the subscribe list. Some email clients may then still show that folder, even though it no longer really exists.
 +You can solve this problem by manually unsubscribing from the folder. How you do this depends on the email client. In Mozilla Thunderbird,​ for example, you right-click the account name in the folder tree. Then click on '​Subscribe'​. You are then shown a folder list, with checkboxes showing the folders you are subscribed to - you can uncheck the non-existent folders.
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