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 +======Error expanding recipient - Nesting Level too deep======
 +You receive an error message saying:
 +  Error expanding recipient "<​email address>"​
 +  Nesting Level too deep (51)
 +  Check the configuration for loops
 +  ​
 +(Note the '​51'​ number may be slightly different - that's the nesting level - anything over 50 is detected as an error)
 +This error means that VPOP3 has detected a routing loop in its configuration.
 +For instance, if you have a user '​A'​ who is forwarding to user '​B',​ and user '​B'​ is forwarding to user '​A',​ you have a loop. VPOP3 will try to follow the configuration for a while before realising it is never ending (once it reaches over 50 steps down the configuration) so it will report this error message.
 +Note that you can have more complex loops, such as user '​A'​ forwarding to list '​B'​ which forwards to user '​C'​ who forwards to user '​A'​.
 +To solve the problem, you need to start at the reported email address, and follow the VPOP3 configuration through for that email address/​user,​ and any forwards which apply to that user, and then do the same with the forwarded target user(s), and so on, until you discover the loop.
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