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 +======Emptying a user's mailbox======
 +To empty a user's '​Inbox'​ folder, go to the [[VPOP3 settings]]. Then click on the **[[Reference:​users|Users]]** tab at the top to go to the user list. In the user's list there will be a column displaying the number of messages in the user's Inbox folder. Just to the right of that will be an icon of a waste bin. If you click on that, you will delete all the messages in the user's Inbox folder.
 +In versions of VPOP3 prior to v5 this action may take a long time if there is a large number of messages in the user's mailbox. VPOP3 may appear to be not responding, but it will be deleting the messages, so you need to wait. In version 5 the action should be almost instantaneous.
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