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 +======Don'​t download big messages during the working day using Download Rules======
 +Say you don't want to download messages over 10,000,000 bytes long between 8:00am and 6:00pm. To do this, create a download rule as:
 +  * Rule Type: **Ignore**
 +  * Match Type: **All Conditions**
 +  * Conditions:
 +    * **Time Now** - **Is** - **8:​00-18:​00**
 +    * **Size** - **Is Greater Than Or Equal** - **10000000**
 +You also have to tell VPOP3 to **Leave Messages On The Server** for at least one day, otherwise the ignored messages will be deleted before it gets chance to download them.
 +That tells VPOP3 to ignore messages if they are over 10,000,000 bytes and the time now is between 8am and 6pm. Outside that time, VPOP3 will download big messages, **including** those that were previously ignored because of the time-dependant rule.
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