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 +======Database Backup Failed======
 +VPOP3 version 3 and later will, by default, make a backup of the database used by VPOP3 into a file. This uses the PostgreSQL utility '​[[http://​​docs/​8.3/​static/​app-pgdump.html|pg_dump]]'​
 +If an error occurs whilst running this program, VPOP3 will create a '​Database Backup Failed'​ error message to the administrator.
 +The error message will look like:\\
 +** The Database backup task failed with error code //nnn//\\
 +The command VPOP3 ran was ""​c:​\vpop3\pgsql\bin\pg_dump.exe"​ -F c -h localhost -p 5433 -U vpop3 -f "​DBBack-2.dmp"​ vpop3"​\\
 +The output of the program was:**\\
 +The error code '//​nnn//'​ is the first place to look.
 +  * '​2'​ or '​3'​ - check that the command (c:​\vpop3\pgsql\bin\pg_dump.exe in the above example) exists on the VPOP3 computer. If PostgreSQL was installed into a different location, go to **Settings -> Database -> Backup** and change the path to the pg_dump.exe program.
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