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 +======Calendars on eM Client======
 +If you have used CalDAV calendars on Mozilla Lightning/​Sunbird,​ then the eM Client configuration is quite different, but simple.
 +To add a CalDAV account to eM Client
 +  - Go to **Tools** -> **Accounts**
 +  - Click **New Account...**
 +  - Open the **Calendar** section and click on **CalDAV**
 +  - Press **Next**
 +  - In the **Account Address URL** box, type the base URL of your VPOP3'​s Webmail, followed by **calendar/<​username>/​**. Note that the username is case sensitive and must be //exactly// as it is defined in VPOP3. So, for the calendars for the **Postmaster** user, enter something like **http://​​5108/​calendar/​Postmaster/​**.
 +  - In the **User name** box, type the VPOP3 account user name
 +  - In the **Password** box, type the VPOP3 account password (case sensitive)
 +  - Press **Next**
 +  - In the **Account name** box type a name you use to refer to this calendar
 +  - Press **Next**
 +  - Press **Finish**
 +  - Press **OK**
 +The calendars should now appear in the left column of the **Calendar** section in eM Client. Note that if the user has several calendars (in VPOP3 Enterprise) then all the calendars will be shown.
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