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 For more details see [[reference:​user_autoresponder|the reference guide]] For more details see [[reference:​user_autoresponder|the reference guide]]
 +====Autoresponder for '​everyone'​====
 +If you want to set a single autoresponder which replies to incoming messages for anyone (eg if your whole company closes for a holiday), you can obviously do this by going to each user and setting the autoresponder separately for each user.
 +If the autoresponder text will be the same for every user, and you have a spare user slot in your VPOP3 licence, there is an alternative way:
 +  - create a user for the autoresponder to go with (the name doesn'​t matter)
 +  - set the autoresponder as appropriate for that user - have the autoresponder not keep the messages after responding to them
 +  - create a **Download Rule** to copy all incoming messages to that user
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