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-======421 4.3.2 VPOP3 SMTP Server access disabled - content scanner problem!====== 
-This usually happens if the "VPOP3 AV" virus scanner has a problem it can't automatically recover from. This may be a fatal error, or a licencing issue. 
-You can check this on the Settings -> Antivirus settings page. Look in the "Last 10 items scanned"​ box to see if any errors are reported there. 
-Restarting VPOP3 should resolve the problem. It is worth checking whether there is a later version of the VPOP3 AV plugin available to [[http://​​downloads/​vpop3av.php|download from our website]]. 
-The default behaviour of VPOP3 is to block new messages arriving in VPOP3 if you have the virus scanner enabled, because otherwise you may receive messages that haven'​t been scanned for viruses, when you expect them to have been. 
-If you would prefer VPOP3 to continue accepting new messages even if there is a problem with the virus scanner, you can turn off the ''​Stop accepting messages after a fatal virus scanner error''​ checkbox. 
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